We had the pleasure to display Karens’ arrangements for our ‘Grand Opening Party’ at Time & Flow champagne bar/shop/academy in Singapore. Her floral arrangements matched the identity of our space perfectly and she prepared the flowers according to the dimensions available in our store, so we were really appreciative.

Our clients were delighted to see the fresh and colourful arrangements and we look forward to working together again

Ludovic Petrow- Sales Manager – Time & Flow


Karen is wonderful to work with and has endless knowledge about flowers. I have learnt so much from watching her. I never knew how amazing floral artistry could be until I met Karen.

In hiring her to design for you or learning from her you will be delighted with what you will come away with

Suasti Lye, Suasti Lye Photography & Design – Singapore


Karen’s passion for flowers is as contagious as it is authentic to her very being. She delights in nature’s beauty and interweaves it into her life and into the lives of the people around her by way of her stunning arrangements.

Just as flowers are so generous in the way that they inspire our lives and add to our wellbeing, Karen generously desires to share easy ways for us to embrace flowers and have them around our home and places of work – whether it be for our own pleasure or whether it be for us to in turn, share with those in our lives. I love her work!

Dr. Robyn E. Wilson, MD/Owner of Praxis Management Consulting Pte Ltd


Through Knowing Karen, I’ve been opened up to a whole new world of floral design I never knew existed. Great to watch what she is doing for brands in this space.

Callum Laing – Partner, Unity Group & CEO, Entrevo Asia

Although we’d love to, for purposes of privacy and discretion we cannot display names of some of our clients here, but we’re very fortunate to have been able to work with the Visual Merchandising teams and Directors of Singaporean and French Fashion Brands, been involved in many international world class events/projects, prepared flowers for private banks and had the opportunity to decorate the apartments of high net worth individuals.


International Floral Designer, Stylist and Published Author Karen French has lived in both the Middle East and Asia for four decades. She brings her previous expertise as an Image Consultant in the areas of Image, Colour & Style together with her wealth of experience in FLORAL DESIGN to help raise the standard of floral arrangements.


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